Cahill unwilling on the bench at Chelsea

The England defender says he is settled at Stamford Bridge but admits it is important that he plays regularly.

Gary Cahill has revealed he has held talks with interim Chelsea boss Guus Hiddink and has reiterated his desire to play first-team football. Buy fifa coins and experience new charater you want.

Cahill signed a new four-year deal in December but has fallen down the pecking order at Stamford Bridge following the sacking of Jose Mourinho and Hiddink’s arrival.

His sole Premier League start under the Dutchman came in the 2-2 draw against Watford on Boxing Day and Cahill is eager for more more playing time place ahead of the European Championship in France.

“It’s all about me playing for Chelsea,” he told reporters. “The bottom line is that I am very happy here, and I extended my contract for those reasons.

“My family and everything is settled here, I’ve had loads of success. I want to keep that going. I don’t want to be stale. I’m 30. I’ve got a good few years left in me yet.”

Cahill says has spoken with Hiddink about his situation and told him he will not be happy on the bench.

“I did have a good chat,’ he added.”I feel like it was old baggage brought to him because he has only just walked through the door and for me, like a lot of other players, from day one this season, there’s a bigger picture.

“It was a good conversation, he was very approachable. I thought it was beneficial, very positive. I think from all that stuff that came out, obviously I want to be at the club, I signed a four-year contract a couple of months ago.

“That shows I want to be here, I am settled here, have had a lot of success here and my family is settled here but ultimately I feel I need to play football matches.

“I have always been that way. It has always been in my make up to play a high percentage of games. I realise that sometimes things go well and sometimes they don’t. But it is very important for me I feel personally, even selfishly, the need to be playing football matches.

“You will never change me. I think it is a positive thing. You get people criticising people who are happy to sit on the bench, picking up money.

“That’s certainly not me, I want to be out there and being a big part of things if I possibly can, realising that everyone else is playing well as well.

“Ever since I have been at Chelsea, there has been a lot of rotation. When I first came, there was me, Branislav Ivanovic, David Luiz, John Terry and now Kurt Zouma has come in.

“There’s always been that element because of the amount of competitions we are in, and number of games you play.

“We rotate but you get a vision or picture of what’s going on, how you feel. Buy fut16coin can upgrade your strength.

“When you’ve been up there with 85-90 per cent of games, this season has been slightly different.”


Ronaldo Thump Espanyol yet again

The Portuguese hit a hat-trick to take his tally versus the Catalans to eight this term, but he has to carry that form into tougher tests after failing in the big games in 2015-16.

The script seemed to be written before the match. Real Madrid would cruise to a comprehensive victory against Espanyol and Cristiano Ronaldo would be back among the goals. That’s what usually happens in this fixture and, sure enough, it was exactly how things turned out again on Sunday. Buy fifa coins and experience new charater you want.

Madrid had hit five past Espanyol at Cornella earlier this season, with Ronaldo on target five times in that 6-0 win in Barcelona. And this time, Real ran riot once again as they racked up the same scoreline – with Cristiano scoring a hat-trick.

Espanyol, of course, are often accused of fighting for their lives against city rivals Barcelona but lying down versus Madrid – and they did little to help that reputation as they went three goals behind within 16 minutes.

Karim Benzema gave Madrid the lead (the seventh time this term he has hit the first goal) with a header and Ronaldo added the second from the spot before James Rodriguez made it 3-0 with a deflected effort and Cristiano completed a fantastic first-half performance for Real with a superb strike as he dribbled past three defenders and curled an exquisite shot into the right-hand corner of the net.
It was his finest finish in many months and the first time he has dribbled past rival players to score in a long time – perhaps since his strike against Schalke in the Champions League en route to La Decima in 2013-14.

The Portuguese had got off to something of a slow start under Zinedine Zidane, scoring just twice in the Frenchman’s first three games and disappointing in the last of those: a 1-1 draw at Betis last weekend.

“Ronaldo doesn’t have to score every game,” Zidane said after this match. “When he doesn’t score three, we think something is wrong. He has tremendous ambition and today, aside from the goals, he did a great job defensively.”

And Ronaldo said in the mixed zone: “I’m very happy with the goals, but above all for the team. The goals come naturally.”
The Portuguese also criticised the pre-season preparations under previous coach Rafa Benitez and appears much more comfortable working with Zidane.

“The pre-season wasn’t good,” he said. “There were too many trips. Zizou has arrived with a different idea and we have to keep working this way.”

It is early days for Zidane, but one of the features so far is the improved performance of the midfield (Toni Kroos and Luka Modric in particular) and that, in theory, should help Ronaldo as well – along with the Frenchman’s emphasis on stepping up the fitness of his squad.

Ronaldo now has 30 goals from his 28 appearances in 2015-16, but eight of those have come in two games against Espanyol and the others versus sides like Levante, Getafe, Sporting Gijon, Rayo Vallecano, Las Palmas, Eibar, Shakhtar Donestk and Malmo.

Up against tough teams such as Atletico, Barcelona, Sevilla, Valencia, Villarreal and Paris Saint-Germain (twice), he has failed to convert. In fact, the only side in La Liga’s top six he had scored against this term is Celta Vigo.Cristiano-Ronaldo.jpg

After several games against ‘smaller’ sides in January, Madrid now face Athletic Bilbao, Roma and Atletico in three of their next four games. Buy fut16coin can upgrade your strength. So Ronaldo’s return to form on Sunday seems like good timing ahead of those tests, but if Madrid are to enjoy some success in the second half of this season, they need their main man firing when it matters most as well – and not only against sides like Espanyol.

FIFA 16 High Potential Players can Help you Win the Game

It’s all very well fantasising over a Pogba-Rodríguez dictatorship in midfield, but not every team can afford that kind of luxury. What if you’re managing a lower league team on a much tighter budget but still want to improve your squad’s ranks? Buy fifa coins and experience new charater you want.

Well fear not, for we’ve sniffed out five of the best deals you can get in FIFA 16. These players are an absolute snip, but that doesn’t mean we’re talking about bargain bin buys, oh no – every player here has at least 80 potential, so you know you’re getting quality. Add any of these players to your team and you’ll see the difference like night and day.

Bruno Varela

GK, age 20, OVR 69, potential 81, Real Valladolid, cost £2.1m

The goalkeeper is the backbone of any team that holds it all together – you can have the best defence in the world but will ship goals if your keeper isn’t up to scratch. Luckily you can get that peace of mind for an absolute pittance in the form of Bruno Varela. The young shot-stopper from Portugal excels at shutting out close-range opportunities thanks to his fantastic diving and reflexes, which will see him reacting quickly and frustrating opposition forwards time and again. This high potential gem can be yours for just over £2m.

Dominic Iorfa

RB, age 20, OVR 69, potential 81, Wolves, cost £2.1m

Plenty of full backs are fast, but not many are strong too – but that’s exactly what you get with Wolves right back Dominic Iorfa. He’s lightning quick but stands at 6’4″ and has 80 strength, a rare occurrence for normally-diminutive full backs. His tackling and jumping are two of the strongest areas of his game, so he will fit in well at centre back if you need the cover, and with 81 potential he’s got a very bright future ahead of him.

Renato Sanches

CM, age 17, OVR 70, potential 86, SL Benfica, cost £3m

Players with potential as high as Renato Sanches can often cost in the range of £7-10m, which is what makes this player such a bargain – you can get a future world-beater for as little as £3m (less if you’re willing to drive a hard bargain). What you get for such a measly sum is an excellent attacker with the pace, strength and technical ability to hold his own on the midfield battlegrounds. Snap him up now before his club realise how criminally underpriced he is.

Álvaro Vadillo

RM, age 20, OVR 71, potential 80, Real Betis, cost £1.8m

If you’re a lower league manager on a restrictive budget, there’s simply no better winger to buy than Álvaro Vadillo. While his skillset is not the broadest, what he does well he does extremely well. He’s absolutely rapid and will outpace defenders rated far higher than he is, while his dribbling stat is phenomenal for his OVR. He also comes with four star skill moves, so is perfect for anyone who loves beating defenders with tricks. He’s an out-and-out winger, no doubt about that, and with 80 potential will just get better and better. Spend a little time negotiating his price and you can get him for under £1.5m, which is unbelievably cheap.

Moses Simon

ST, age 19, OVR 70, potential 80, KAA Gent, cost £2.8m

Speaking of rapid, Moses Simon has enough pace to give Martín Demichelis a heart condition. Added to that is his short stature and superb balance, so even if he can’t use his speed to get away, he’ll still be leaving defenders in knots. Buy fut16coin can upgrade your strength. If that wasn’t enough, he comes with four star skill moves and an impressive dribbling stat, while his five star weak foot means he can score no matter which foot he uses. With all these things going in his favour – not to mention his 80 potential – he’s a real bargain at just under £3m (although note that you have to wait until January to get him, but he’s utterly worth it).

Jurgen Klopp may Change Liverpool

Jurgen Klopp took over Borussia Dortmund from his former club Mainz and almost entirely changed the way Dortmund played. Buy fifa 16 coins and build the best team to challenge players around the world. He took them to greater heights. However Liverpool fans shouldn’t forget the fact that in addition to all this, he had a pitiful end to his career at Dortmund in the last 2014-15 season.

I believe that would be when he would work on the loopholes in the system that Brendan Rodgers created. There were quite a few things BR got it wrong.

Dealing with the transfers and the transfer committee – Not disregarding the fact that BR did sign the likes of Sturridge, Coutinho, Can, nevertheless all in all he’s failed in recruiting players who would establish themselves well at the club. His influence on the transfer deals were perhaps minimal apart from scouting, observing and convincing the players. Most of the players were either brought in just for the sake of having great depth in the squad (like taking 10 odd players in the 2014-15 transfer window) or these players just could not fit in the system that he implemented (I still don’t understand how Balotelli could even play in the system Liverpool employed).

Attracting already established, experienced and world class players: BR simply failed in bringing players of such kind. Agreed, he bought players who have great potential and can be invested upon for the longer term. But can long term investments get you what you want in one season itself? BR was not an LVG, Guardiola, Mourinho who could bring in players of world class quality and who’d have an impact on the style of play that Liverpool plays. All this must be parallel to the inflow of young players, so that they gain experience of playing at higher levels with such quality players. This is one area where (I believe) Klopp would manage pretty well.images.jpg

Complacency: Yes, you heard me right. This is one thing I have observed right from the first season on Rodgers at Liverpool. The style of play has been so impressive, but we’ve failed on a majority of occasions like giving up the Premier League trophy after inching so close to it(that too after 24 years), buying and increasing the squad depth last season and just not being able to do well and thereby faultering in the UCL, Europa League, Premier League, Capital One Cup, FA Cup… one or two of which could have been on our side.

Holding on to the best players: It seems to be an inherent weakness in our club that we just let go of our best players because of tempting offers and lack of success at Liverpool. Torres, Owen and then continuing the tradition was in the BR time when we lost Suarez, Sterling, Gerrard. I’m pretty sure same would be haunting when Coutinho’s name pops up in one of such places. Klopp here might have some history wherein he lost Lewandowski, Gotze but I believe if he works on the team and produces great results, not only the best team player will be reluctant to leave but also various interests in the quality players playing elsewhere.

I am not highly confident that Jurgen Klopp will be an instant hit with the results, but surely he can develop a great team if he works more on the loopholes and thus developing the strength. Click here to get more fifa 16 coins and improve your team. He’s a great manager, tactician, brilliant with the player and the fans, there is no reason as to why cannot be an another Bob Paisley or a Bill Shankly that Liverpool has always wanted.

Jose Mourinho is one of the Most Successful Coaches in the World

Work ethic


For a start his preparation for matches almost goes unchallenged. Mourinho has been known to often work 16-hour days between coaching, player management, scouting and preparing dossiers on his team’s next opponents. With this kind of work ethic he shows his players that he too is willing to put in the long hours it takes to be successful. You can get fifa coins for sale here to improve your skill.

In this regard he demonstrates to his players that he will work as hard as he can and beyond, so that when he asks them to do the same it becomes an easy choice. Once you have a player’s respect he will run through walls or kick his own mother for you

Players relation


He learned under Bobby Robson and Louis van Gaal, as an assistant coach, that the key to being a successful manager is having a successful relationship with your players. If that bedrock does not exist, no amount of coaching or tactical know how will do you any good.

Work rate/ Team above player

Jose-Mourinho.jpgMourinho demands great work rate from his players that is rarely seen in other teams. He believes that “players don’t win you trophies, teams win trophies, squads win trophies.”
He has often sold good players because they aren’t working hard enough defensively or not putting more than what’s expected of them. The characteristics of all the mourinho teams have been they are really organized, tough to break down and always willing to put in the defensive shift. Even the offensive players help out in defense more than other teams.
He can ask his players to sacrifice their game for the greater good because they see that he puts the work in.

Take pressure off players


He always irritates the press and the opponents in press conferences and puts the pressure on himself during press conferences rather than on the players. Buy fifa coins and experience new charater you want.

Mourinho uses the press conferences to take the pressure of match build up off his players and looks for a psychological edge he can manipulate or make bigger for his opponents.

the Different between Arsene Wenger and Mourinho


Anoop Ramakrishnan has written a thoughtful answer here. I like it. But it is an answer to a different question something like:”Has Arsene Wenger personally dismantled what should have been a fantastic legacy in the last decade at Arsenal?”

That is a book all in itself best summarised as: Without constant innovation, ten years after genius announces itself it becomes merely mediocre.Buy fifa coins and experience new charater you want.

The difference between Wenger and Sir Alex Ferguson, his great rival, is that the Scot found ways to constantly reinvent himself and his teams on and off the field, whereas Wenger has not as Anoop Ramakrishnan points out. Anoop references Wenger’s oburate adherence to the increasingly outdated ideas that initially made his name – training players ‘like marines’, finding cheap and hidden gems in the transfer market, winning games idealistically through a philosophy based on beautiful football and the domination of possession.

With reference to the original question Mourinho probably has largely destroyed Wenger’s career and legacy. He has done this by consistently undermining Wenger in public and also by successfully demonstrating that ‘doing the opposite’ in football terms was an approach better suited to the pressures of football since 2004.

So, in contrast, Mourinho talked up a next level sports science approach focussing on rest as the basis of preventing injuries. He has reveled in demonstrating a common touch with players that doesn’t appear to come easy for Wenger. Mourinho’s well funded clubs have all eschewed the pursuit of players others hadn’t uncovered also and they’ve all simply paid what has needed to be paid to succeed in the transfer market. Lastly by winning games pragmatically, and often quite cynically, through football based on transitions and controlling space when without possession, Mourinho in large part lived up to his Special One billing.

By positioning himself as Wenger’s alter ego, almost, Mourinho was able to chip away at Wenger’s sacred cows. This reached its apotheosis as Mourinho pronounced Wenger to be ‘a specialist in failure’.

Now, I am not convinced that there is much substance to much of Mourinho’s criticism, or indeed a lot to his emperor’s new clothes football either. However, I do think that at a public relations level Mourinho has largely succeeded in both framing the press debate on Wenger and also in picking apart what was once an unimpeachable CV.

The irony is of course, that in the process things have come full circle. Mourinho now finds himself embracing mediocrity a little over a decade after pronouncing his own genius as ‘a special one’.

Given the way Mourinho has conducted himself, there won’t be many people in football queuing up to be kind to Mourinho when the inevitable rot fatally sets in. You might say that due to his antics trying to fatally undermine his rival Wenger Mourinho has sown the seeds of his own demise.

You need friends on the way down to mitigate against the coming bumpy landing. Wenger can count on plenty of friends both within the game – and within the media. As for Mourinho, I am struggling to name one notable person who would obviously jump to his defence. The reality is that no-one really likes a smart-arse, especially a smart-arse who uses his powers and his talent so cynically. Buy fut16coin can upgrade your strength.Short term fans treasure results above all else but long term legacies, and genuine fondness, are built upon how you played the game.

Mesut Özil Will Create More Chances when Sanchez is Back


Mesut Özil has been magical this season. He has created a huge number of chances while only 16 have been converted so far. That is down to Giroud and Walcott’s mediocre finishing.You can get fifa coins for sale here to improve your skill.With Alexis back, Özil will continue creating chance after chance but now, the possibility of conversion will increase. Alexis is that kind of a player who turns a half chance into a full chance.

Therefore, when he is back, I think they will link up well. We saw how our attack caused havoc to United’s defense. Expect more of that. Alexis, the fighter he is, will make Özil even better. With Welbeck and Wilshere also close to return, Arsenal surely have something to look forward to.

Addition of talented players always boosts the team.Sanchez being pacy and Strong will be of more use to Ozil as Ozil was developed around pacy players(Real Madrid).So,i think Ozil’s game will become more improved after Sanchez.

Sanchez is a key man in the Arsenal squad and his work rate and brilliant goals are dearly missed. Ozil has been the shining light for Arsenal. With the amount of injuries to first team players, Ozil along with Giroud has done well so far.

Arsenal can rely on their partnership and when Sanchez returns you can expect more goals. Ozil’s form is red hot and with Sanchez burning desire to score goals and to make runs behind the defenders , there will be goals between them.

Campbell can continue to play at the right wing and he too is creating chances and along with Ozil he can play a crucial role for assisting the forwards.Buy fut16coin can upgrade your strength. Sanchez is a killer cannot wait to see him in action.

FIFA 16:Lavezzi meet with Chelsea


Chelsea are interested in signing the Paris Saint-Germain winger Ezequiel Lavezzi, according to Sky Sports Italy.Buy fifa coins and experience new charater you want.

Lavezzi has been linked with a move away from PSG since the summer and it seems that the player is closing in on a January move to the Premier League.

The 30-year-old Argentine’s contract with PSG expires in the summer and Chelsea are keen to get him on a bargain.


According to the report, Lavezzi’s agent, Alejandro Mazzoni, was in London yesterday for talks with Chelsea and a move could be finalised soon.

The player has also been linked with a move back to Serie A where he enjoyed a very productive spell with Napoli.

Chelsea have struggled with creativity and goals from wide areas this season after the multi-million-pound signing Pedro Rodriguez failed to make the desired impact. The Spaniard has struggled to fit in since his move from Barcelona and is already being linked with a move away.

Furthermore, Eden Hazard’s poor form has been a massive blow for the Blues who relied heavily on the Belgian in the final third. Hazard was the best player at Chelsea last season and bagged 14 goals along with 9 assists in the Premier League.

This season, the Belgian has managed just two assists and has failed to score in 19 Premier League appearances so far.

Lavezzi primarily operates as a wide forward and could add much needed pace and goals to the Chelsea attack. The Argentine has scored 32 goals for PSG over the last three seasons and had a similar goalscoring rate for Napoli as well.

It will be interesting to see if Lavezzi prefers a move to England over a Serie A return.Buy fut16coin can upgrade your strength. But there is no doubt that the 30-year-old would be a useful signing for Chelsea in a short term deal, for a reasonable price.

Real Madrid Close to Signing Rodrigo Bentancur

According to reports from Spanish newspaper Marca, Los Blancos are currently locked in negotiations with the Argentinian club, and are hoping to reach an agreement soon.Buy fifa coins and experience new charater you want.


Boca president Daniel Angelici has confirmed that he hasn’t received any offer from Real Madrid as yet but the Argentine club would consider offers for the €15 million-rated Uruguayan.

“We have not yet received a formal proposal from Real Madrid for Bentancur,” Angelici said. “The number that is being mentioned is not correct. His clause is lower than the figure mentioned.”
Serie A giants Juventus have also show an interest, but Madrid are looking to make their move this summer ahead of the possible transfer embargo the club faces.

Madrid have signed several young players in the last 18 months, spending upwards of €35m on Martin Odegaard, Lucas Silva, Jesus Vallejo and Marcos Asensio, and Bentancur would be just the latest in a long line of talented prospects at the club.

Bentancur has been developing at a rapid pace and if Madrid fail to agree a deal now, they might lose the opportunity of singing a highly talented midfielder, as other clubs will start to show an interest as well in near future.Buy fut16coin can upgrade your strength.

Madrid will probably send him on loan and give him the opportunity to continue his development with Boca.

FIFA 16:Infantino Suggest continent-wide World Cup

FIFA should look into staging the World Cup across a continent instead of just one or two countries, UEFA general secretary Gianni Infantino said Tuesday as he stepped up campaigning for next month’s FIFA election.Buy fifa coins and experience new charater you want.

Infantino promised a bigger World Cup, reforms to scandal-tainted FIFA to create a “credible” global governing body and more money for member nations in his manifesto for the February 26 vote for a new leader.

The Swiss official, who has been right-hand man to suspended UEFA leader Michel Platini for the past seven years, said the World Cup should be expanded to 40 countries from the 32 for the 2018 event in Russia.

Platini and Infantino have also pressed a plan to spread the European Championships across 13 countries from 2020. Infantino said the World Cup could copy the idea.

“FIFA should investigate the possibility of organising the World Cup not only in one or two countries but in a whole region, so enabling several countries to enjoy the honour and benefits of hosting the World Cup,” Infantino said.

Under his plan, there would be an “equitable rotation” for staging World Cups, with a continent that has held the contest having to wait at least two tournaments before getting it again.

The World Cup was held in two countries — in South Korea and Japan — in 2002 and FIFA said at the time it would be reluctant to repeat the exercise.

Deciding the 2026 World Cup hosts has been put back because of the scandals that have embroiled FIFA under outgoing president Sepp Blatter. Blatter and Platini have both been banned for eight years over a suspect payment.

In the election, Infantino is up against Asian Football Confederation president Sheikh Salman bin Ebrahim al Khalifa of Bahrain, Prince Ali bin al Hussein, a former FIFA vice president from Jordan, South African business tycoon Tokyo Sexwale and former FIFA official Jerome Champagne of France.

Among major soccer nations, Germany indicated Tuesday it is likely to back Infantino.

German Football Federation president Reinhard Rauball said: “I will recommend that the DFB board picks Gianni Infantino as the candidate we want to support.”

Infantino “is someone who knows the business inside out,” he added.

“FIFA and football have a lot at stake in this election,” Infantino said.

Platini and FIFA president Sepp Blatter were banned from football activities for eight years last month opening up the election battle when Platini withdrew.

All five candidates have promised to clean up the world body after the Blatter-Platini investigation and a US inquiry which has left 39 individuals and two companies facing charges over bribes for football deals.

Infantino proposed a new FIFA Council for key decisions, 12-year term limits for officials including the president, more “independent voices” on key FIFA committees, declaring the remuneration of top FIFA members, naming a chief compliance officer and establishing a fully open tendering process for the body’s multi-billion dollar deals.

“Taken together, these changes will, I believe, put FIFA on the path towards restored credibility and integrity,” he said.

Infantino also said FIFA should “aim in the future” to channel 50 percent of its revenues to member associations.

Under his plan each of the 209 member associations would get $5 million over four years for football development projects.Buy fut16coin can upgrade your strength. That is more than double the current allowance. They could get another one million dollars in a travel allowance. Regional confederations would get $40 million over four years.